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The Anagama collection consists of works of specific aesthetics, fired in a wood-firing blast furnace - Karmazinu Anagama. Anagama firing lasts for five days, thus the ceramic object gains extraordinary beauty and durability. In the heat of 1300 °C, after burning for 110-115 hours, the special clay products simply petrify and become extremely resistant. In such heat, the ashes of wood melt and the flames paint on them on the surface of the works. Anagama sculpture is characterized by special surface textures, shades that spill from earth tones to fiery glows.
This is Anagama fired bowl. Thrown on the wheel, out of the German clay. Woodfired in Karmazinu Anagama for 5 days. Bowl features a dramatic array of colors and textures - from semi-gloss to ash-speckled matte gray and brown. Excellent sample of anagama reduction effects that creates rugged surface. Another side of the cup is gently covered with ashes, looks like softly colored.
Height 8,5 cm

Width 9 cm
This piece is thrown on the wheel stoneware, high fired to vitrification at 1300 degrees centigrade to eliminate porosity, thus allowing the pieces to be used in the oven, freezer and dishwasher but nevertheless can break from mishandle.

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